Why Reading is Important

You might be wondering why there are a lot of people who are really and genuinely fond of reading books. Some individuals might think that in the modern world, reading books could a form of devolution. However, this is a very problematic stance because there is a thousand and one reasons to read a book and one of which is because it’s a form of art.

If your reading habits is only limited to Facebook statuses, tweets or the directions of your instant noodles packet, then you might be missing out a lot of beautiful things that only a book reader could enjoy.

If you want to know some of these things, listed below are the benefits of reading a book. Read on!

  1. Reading can stimulate the brain. 

Some studies say that when the brain is always being stimulated, conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s could be prevented because you brain is continuously being active and working thus, prevents it to lose power. Because brain is just like any other muscles in the body, it also needs to be constantly exercised to be ‘fit’ and ‘healthy. Cognitive stimulation could be best achieved when reading, playing games as well as answering puzzles.

  1. Reading could reduce stress. 

Even if you have thousands of stressors in your workplace, at school or unfortunately in your house, you could easily slip away from the realities of life when you are hooked in a great story. A novel that is well-written could take you to places you’ve never imagined being taken to and write-ups that are interesting can distract you from what’s in the present thus, it could always make you feel relaxed and calm.

3. Reading provides knowledge. 

Every single thing that you read could add up to your knowledge inside your brain. Moreover, this information could be in use in the future- who knows you might need them anytime. Meaning, when you are well-equipped with a lot of knowledge, then it could be easier for you to survive in every challenge you get yourself into.

4. Reading can expand your vocabulary

The more you read, the more words you get to be exposed with. When you are articulate and can converse well, you will automatically have a greater edge than anybody else in every position that you need to be in. Moreover, when you are equipped with a wide vocabulary, you could boost your confidence and speak-up with pride whatever you want to say.

  1. Reading improves memory

If you are currently reading a book, you have to remember a lot of characters, their backgrounds, as well as the plot that the story is revolving to. That is an easy way to remember things, however, the brain is a wonderful organ and can remember things much with ease. What’s more amazing is that when the brain creates new memory, it replicates new synapses or the pathways in the brain that could necessarily strengthen the existing ones, which could be very helpful in short-term memory recall as well as steady mood swings. Thus, if you don’t want to be in a situation where you are left in awe not because of amazement but because you forget something to say, then try reading the closest book you get now.

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How to Choose the Next Book to Read

It has always been a challenge finishing a book.  But what’s harder is to search for the next book to read and deciding what book to read. There will always be a sense of silence once you finish one and it would take a long time for you to recover especially if the previous one you have read is particularly powerful. When this phase is gone, and decided to look for the next artwork to read and enjoy, the old-age question is then asked: what is the next book to read?

How to Choose the Next Book to Read

Sometimes, finding a book to read after reading one is just like finding yourself a date. Sometimes, it feels like you are extremely insane over a particular title and you can’t just relax yourself unless you feel the texture of the book in your hands and smell the odor of each of its pages.


Here are a few guides to help you decide what book to read next:

  1. The double-booking

Sometimes, you can’t just have enough books. Thus, you decide to read two, three and more often, four books at a time, reading a few chapters from the first book and a few pages of the other. The good thing about this method is that, you are able to decide the best book you will have to read for the next couple of days when you contrast it with other books. Once you scratch the other books off from your list, then you will have that one decision in your life that would change you forever. Just like finding a true love!

  1. The Few Lines Test

This is somehow similar to the first method, however, the only thing different is that, you will have to read a few lines of the first book and read as well few lines from the other books and then decide what the best book suits your taste the most. You can’t just save time, but you also save yourself from exerting too much effort. However, you just have to be decisive!

  1. The Good Books

This method is a process in which to seek a book that is not just a good book in itself but also a good book for the soul. These kinds of books are those that are required of you to read back in high school but you never really bothered reading, or that book in philosophy book that you bought due to book addiction and you never really needed. Try to read them the next time you need something to read.

  1. The ‘Bad’ Books

This is the exact opposite of the previous method. These kinds of books in the ‘bad’ books are not entirely bad, but these books are the kind of books that you never really usually read. Erotica, mysteries, romances, whatever books that aren’t your jam- maybe it’s high time for you to read them now. This method don’t just let you read the books that you don’t usually read but also it well let you experience a whole new world outside of your box. Thus, it could be fun and exciting!

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